Intelligent Warehousing is a Web-based software system developed by a team of IT professionals who have over 20 years of experience in both warehousing and IT. Using their knowledge and experience, they were able to develop a system that will help small warehouse managers.

For the small-warehouse manager or business owner that has inventory they need to track accurately, Intelligent Warehousing is the perfect option. It is easy to use, delivering accurate information, and helping warehouse managers effectively keep tabs on everything going on in their warehouse.

Intelligent Warehousing does not require any special tools, knowledge or training in order to be used. Get signed up today and in no time you will be on your way to experiencing the benefits that this effective warehouse software delivers. Contact us today with any questions or to get started!





Retailer Compliance

With Intelligent Warehousing, there is no need to worry about EDI and labeling requirements for most major retailers. Our software is designed to help you with compliance with these major retailers. It will also automatically update whenever the major retailers implement a change in their compliance rules.


Secure Access, Anytime, Anywhere

Anywhere you have Internet access you will have immediate access to your inventory information. Our software is Web-based, making it easy for you to access the information, when and where you need it. Whether you are in the warehouse or on a business trip, you can access the information immediately through our secure server.


Reduce Fill and Pick Up Time

With Intelligent Warehousing, you will save time when it comes to finding items in your warehouse. The inventory locator will guide you right to it, saving you time and money. It will also allow you to integrate the use of an RF gun into the software.


Electronic Orders and EDI

Intelligent Warehousing saves you time again by helping you avoid manually entering orders. You won’t need to figure out how to interface with EDI, because it will already seamlessly handle all of this for you.


Improve Order Management and Maximize Goods Flow

All of the order information you need will be right at your fingertips with Intelligent Warehousing. The software shows you whether the order is open, picked, shipped, or closed. You will always know where you are, with any given order.


Customer and Supplier Restricted Access

We developed Intelligent Warehousing to give you the opportunity to allow your customers and suppliers limited access to your inventory information. At your discretion, you can give them access to your inventory information, further helping you to keep your warehouse running smoothly.


Unlimited Users

Unlike some software programs, Intelligent Warehousing does not have a limited number of users that can access your information. You can provide access to your warehouse account to as many people as you feel need to have it. We don’t require additional licenses or charge an additional fee for this unlimited access.